Punk Squirrel IPA


Alistair Green


Alistair Green


Independent punk rock, yeah.

I’ve got this down as a ‘sketch show’ and ‘stand up’ but it’s tough to categorise. It’s probably neither of those things. More of a man slowly disintegrating on the internet. If you haven’t seen the offending sketch (or whatever it is), please do give it a once over. Be afraid at both the accuracy and the cringe. That should really be CRINGE in all caps, as if you dive in further it honestly almost causes physical pain to watch. This a particular highlight. I can be having a perfectly good day and remember one of these and have to have a sit down. If I’m not already sat down.

The design point of reference should be fairly obvious to alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike. The company that bullies and harasses their employees. Remember them? They never really went away. Yes, I am aware that Punk Squirrel IPA already has a logo. It’s so bad, it actually adds to the comedy. A tongue out emoji, a skull and crossbones and a mint coloured guitar (looks like a Fender Jazzmaster, but don’t quote me on that).

This is my version of what would happen if it were done ‘properly’. Cowabunga, dude!

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