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Countdown to Liquor Day


When Ricky went back to jail it was like I was reborn. Got off the hard liquor, dropped pounds, got back to business. I discovered that Barb’s deed to Sunnyvale included acres of prime development land. Sold off half and built this beautiful park.

Before we go anywhere, Lahey’s Luxury Estates messes with the TPB canon a bit, in that it appears in ‘Countdown to Liquor Day’, which is one of the feature length fims. So you have to do some mental shittrickery to get it to work in your brain departments when held up against the flow of the normal TV series.

The brief synopsis is that the boys have been in jail for two years and when they get out they dicover that Jim Lahey is sober and has sorted his life out. Unfortunately, that entails him having opening up a new swanky park (the titular Luxury Estates) and also attempting to bin off Sunnyvale. There’s naturally a whole load of other mental stuff going on: Bubbles’ cats get sent to animal welfare, Ricky’s weed growing facilities get destroyed and J-Roc inexplicably becomes a successful rapper. Perhaps more explicably, Lahey ends up back on the booze. Though he does end up in Cuba.

Anyway, thanks to this t shirt, you too can now wander around patches of waste groud shouting ‘I am the liquor!’ like old Fucky the Drunk Clown himself.

RIP John Dunsworth. The best trailer park supervisor in the whole of Nova Scotia.

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