Global National


The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret


I was recently in London. You know what they go fucking shithouse for over there? Energy drinks. Can’t get enough of it. It’s like fucking crack to these people.

I love the name ‘Global National’. It says so much in two words. Conjuring up the most corporate, generic, vast nothingness of an organisation you could possibly be bored to death imagining. What I love more than that is that it’s actually a thing. A Canadian news show. What are the chances?

If you’ve seen Todd Margaret, you will have noticed that it’s chock full of comedy greats; obviously David Cross but also Sharon Horgan, Sara Pascoe, Blake Harrison, Mark Heap and – hear me out on this one – Steve Davis. Also Spike Jonze and Jon Hamm, somehow. However, the star of the show is undoubtedly Will Arnett, whose direction appears to have been: just be the most obnoxious, batshit, shouting American arsehole to have ever have existed. And he’s Canadian! Again, what are the chances?

So with all of that in mind, what can be more facile and uninspiring than a credit card logo?

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