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Bart Sells His Soul


Remember our guarantee. If I’m not smiling when your check comes, your meal’s on me – Uncle Moe! Come to Uncle Moe’s for family fun. It’s good, good, good, good, good-good-good.

I remember this episode very well – Lisa paying off Milhouse to get Bart’s soul back and what have you – but there’s no way I’d have put the bit where Moe turns his dingy bar into a family restaurant as the sub plot for it. Testament to the writing, I suppose.

Out of the rich myriad of Simpsons characters, Moe is arguably the least well equipped mentally to deal with the general public. Certainly not kids. By his own admission, the laughter of children cuts through him ‘like a dentist’s drill’.

Entering the design phase of this write up, we’re looking at another one that exists and has been updated. For a business that was conceived in 1995, you’d expect a couple of brand revisions in the following couple of decades. Even if said business is both fictional and liquidated.

The original logo isn’t much to look at, if you can excuse my very mild criticism of one of the greatest television programmes to have ever existed. I’ve gone with red, white and blue to tie in with ‘all American cooking’ mentioned in the script.

Let’s be honest. Americans don’t have a cuisine of their own, do they? They steal everyone else’s and piss about with it. When they get it right they don’t half get it right, to be fair to them. God bless heart disease and obesity.

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