Baboo Yagu Bass Strings


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Do I look like a reasonable man to you, or a peppermint nightmare? The first one? Wrong.

I don’t know how many of you axemen and axewomen (and axeother, we’re all friends here) there are out there, but if you are one you will have heard of Ernie Ball. He’s the bloke who does the guitar strings. If you run a search, you can see a remarkable amount of ‘slinky’ versions. It’s almost like slinky comes as standard. Old Ernie (actually, he died in 2004, RIP, etc.) actually owned a particularly un-on brand name, Christened as he was ‘Roland’. Which we, of course, know to be a keyboard and / or synthesizer.

That caters for the basic premise of this – the rest of it is all Hitcher stuff from the show. Loads of polos, Cockney babble and if you look closely, an eel-based border. Just like Ernie, the Hitcher has a real name, and that is Baboo Yagu. Which you might think is just made up nonsense (as the writers are very much known for that), it’s actually a play on Baba Yaga – a child-eating witch from Slavic folklore. Kind of fits in with the show, really.

Oh yeah, they’re bass guitar strings because of the Hitcher’s thumb is massive and he’s the Slap Bass President. Why a method of playing the bass guitar needs a formally elected head, I’m not sure.

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