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Please thank Yamamoto San for this fine ceremonial sword. It is a magnificent symbol of our new merger.

Chris Morris swaps a katana for some Dr. Martens and the potential joining of Reynholm Industries with Yamamoto Corporation is seemingly going well. Until Mr. Yamamoto stomps on Katherine Parkinson’s bare feet and she tells him to fuck off. I’ve mixed up character and actor names there but you get the picture.

For the design, I wanted to go for something iconically Japanese, but the thing about the big, BIG brands from Japan is that a lot of them do appear to have some form of Western influence. Sony, Toyota, Nintendo, Mitsubishi et al are all instantly recognisable but lack the native language characters. So what we’re looking at for inspiration here is best described as the Japanese IKEA that begins with an M. You know the one.

The full name of the brand translates as ‘no-brand quality goods’. Which I quite like. No brand, no nonsense.

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