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Your Auntie Caroline called. She said a vacancy has come up for a features correspondent.

One of my favourites shows of all time, this. But strangely, the funniest line in the whole thing isn’t delivered by a member of the main cast at all.

Another cult British comedy with far too few episodes for my liking. Fawlty Towers, The Office, I’m Alan Partridge, this…only two series. Then Black Books, Father Ted and the Mighty Boosh only three. I think it’s fair to say there’ll be no more, with the last one happening in 2001.

Obviously the Schnauzer should speak for itself with this, but I’m basing the text on the old school 80s design of the Western Gazette, as I reckon the Colwyn Bay version would’ve been equally as vivid in news output. You know the type of thing. Local to the point of physical pain. ‘Man Looks at Brick’ and other scintillating scoops.

Skip to the end, indeed.

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