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Red Dwarf



He got ratted one night in Oslo and woke up the next morning in Burma. You see, the shoes got bored just going from his local to the flat. They wanted to see the world.

If ever there was an invention that needed Dragon’s Denning, it’s this one. Personally, I’m pretty good at getting hammered and eventually, somehow getting home. But I know plenty of people that aren’t. And if you live in a place where’s there’s any semblance of a metro system, you’re bound to have fallen asleep on a train of a Friday / Saturday night and ended up at Heathrow airport (or equivalent).

With the logo, I was originally aiming to use the fonts of two well known sports brands. You know the two German brothers that had a fight and ended up building rival companies? Those. It didn’t quite work out, as the font from the one named after a big cat looked kind of rubbish. So the type is based on the other one.

And obviously all the arrows. North, south, east and west. The full compass comes as standard.

NB I am aware that Burma isn’t the official name for Myanmar and hasn’t been since 1989. I’m just keeping to the original text. Further reading, if you’re interested.

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