Red Dwarf

Duct Soup


After a couple of months I fell in love with cashier number four. She was 22 and had come-to-behind-the-bacon-counter eyes.

As a seventeen year old youth, Dave Lister gets a job managing trollies in a branch of MegaMart (presumably Bootle, as it does crop up a lot). He has an affair with a married woman and when her husband finds out, he locks him in a box and he contracts claustrophobia. Kryten sabotages the ship in a fit of jealousy and they’re stuck in one of the service ducts, so he tells the story to avoid getting a panic attack.

Now, there are undoubtedly many, many supermarket logos to cite as inspiration, but I went with one with ‘mart’ in its title. it seemed to make the most sense. We don’t really have them here but they own Asda. Or ‘the’ Asda, as they would definitely say in an area even moderately close to Liverpool.

Speaking of which, the leaves are kind of meant to be laver seaweed, as a nod to how the liver bird is depicted in many graphics associated with the city. I couldn’t bring myself to attempt the bird itself due to the connection with a football team that plays in red. I support the one that plays in blue, you see, so can’t have that.

I say ‘support’. As many a person in similar position will attest – it’s more like a prison sentence than anything you might call fun.

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