Red Dwarf

Body Swap


It’s the sound you make when you get your sexual organs trapped in something.

I love a bit of Scrabble, me. Because I know how to play it properly and therefore (mostly) win. It’s all about the two letter words* and getting a Z or a Q on a triple letter score. Pro tip for you, there.

Anyway, in ‘Body Swap‘ Lister and Rimmer, er, swap bodies on the proviso that the latter will get the former into shape. Obviously he doesn’t do that and just ends up scoffing potatoes and sucking back cigars. At one point, Cat comes up with this gem of a word when playing Scrabble with Lister (in Rimmer’s hologrammatic form), claiming it to be a felis sapiens word you involuntarily exclaim when your genitals are crushed.

There are other versions of this out there, but my version uses a futuristic-y font from the show. Which should be used in a Red Dwarf themed version of Scrabble that probably doesn’t exist but definitely should.

*’Za’ and ‘qi’ particular favourites.

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