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Yes, there was a lot of new energy in the room tonight and some of it is *so* Rainbow Rhythms…and some of it is just so *not* Rainbow Rhythms.

I don’t think I’ve ever known a sitcom (or general television programme, even) where I’ve understood the main characters so instantaneously. I’m not sure about Robert Webb, but I’m fairly sure Mark Corrigan is basically a less famous David Mitchell. Swap JLB Credit for QI and you’ve pretty much got it.

As far as the design goes…Rainbow Ryhtmns *does* make a very brief appearance on the episode, on a business card / flyer type thing. But it’s very haphazard and not much to speak of. So I’ve kind of redone it an unthreating , bubbly font and a Peep Show eye in a…well, rainbow. The system works.

Anyway, now you can join in the fun (social awkwardness, buckets of drugs, dysfunctional relationships and shattered dreams) with this t shirt.

Interestingly, they’re supposedly doing a US version of the show. Because those types of things tend to be colossal successes, right?

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