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What was that screen you just closed down? Oh, what? Nothing. Was it Fantasy War Quest? Well, I used to have a Paladin Vardor in Dungeons and Dragons. What level? Fourteen. Nice.

I’d like to start this one off by saying this took forever. Based on probably the world’s most famous MMORPG, it took ages to recreate. Have a look at it. Fonts don’t ordinarily do that, so I had to individually draw each letter out and gradient every panel, one by one. No shortcuts. And then the background. And the border. Nnnng. I’m aware that you probably don’t care about this, I just want it known that I really pulled out the big potatoes for this one.

So in the show, Dobby and Gerard are keen players of Fantasy War Quest, and Mark is intrigued but never got round to playing it. Whether the Peep Show dimension Mila Kunis was part of their guild, who knows.

Look at me using WoW terminology. Leeroy Jenkins FTW. I only know any of this from my brother. Even then, I have no idea. I watched him play it once and it had so many navigation panels it looked like a cockpit, so I decided it was too complicated for me. Like Guitar Hero. I can play ‘Bulls on Parade‘ on the *actual* guitar, so I don’t need this plastic button bullshittery, thanks.

I used to think these types of pursuit were just teaching children skills that they didn’t need and couldn’t monetise later in life. I think we’re all aware that doing this kind of thing is now a viable career option. Imagine what my Twitch channel would be like. Me, struggling to play Chuckie Egg and Horace Goes Skiing to my two followers that only ever watch when they’re hammered and the Graham Norton guests are rubbish.

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