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So what if it’s made up? Do you think Penguin was founded by a penguin? In a sense, everything’s made up.

I love the name ‘British London’. It’s so efficiently terrible. Two words and you know it’s a con. This is obviously down to the immensely high quality of the scriptwriting. And this is in Peep Show’s eighth series (of nine).

In the show, Mark gets unsurprisingly conned, having to stump up two grand to get his own book published. Even then, it goes badly, with the thing being awfully bound photocopies, packed with millions of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

The book itself is visible (expertly recreated here, if you’re interested), but the BL logo isn’t. So this is my version. It’s based on the logo of one of the largest publishing companies on the planet, which was bought by Satanic antipodean overlord Rupert Murdoch in 1987. One of the original founders of the organisation has my *exact* name, fact fans.

The colours are directly lifted from that, anyway, and double nicely as the Central and Victoria lines of the design. And what could be more British and Londonish than the Tube? Knife crime and teenage pregnancy, maybe.

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