Only Fools and Horses



So you’re not looking for a special type of person? Oh yes. I don’t want you lumbering me with some old bow-wow who don’t know the difference between a Liebfraumilk and a can of Tizer.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘this is a little garish and 21st century for a programme that was broadcast in 1988’. And yes, you are correct. Obviously dating agencies existed back in the olden days, but you’d have to concede that present day is some sort of golden age for this type of thing. With your Tinders, your Grindrs and your eHarmonys. I knew somebody once who was on one *just* for Jewish people.

So what I’m saying is that Technomatch Friendship and Matrimonial Agency survived from the late 80s and this is how it’d look now. We’re basing it on the logo of one of them that already exists. The one that mentions a cherub that fires an arrow.

In this particular episode, Del Boy signs up with Technomatch and meets Raquel. So very much a key moment in the narrative development of OFaH as a whole.

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