The Trees


Nighty Night


Linda, what do you think you can bring to The Trees as a therapist? Sandwiches. Plus I’ve had a terrible life.

On paper, following the exploits of a conniving, manipulative, morally bankrupt, homewrecking hairdresser from the West Country doesn’t sound like it would be that much fun. Being from that area of the world, I know people like this exist in real life. They’re not half as funny, mind. Nothing you write down could ever explain the lowest of low heights Jill Tyrell would stoop to to get what she wants. And throughout the course of Nighty Night, she appears to just want Angus Deayton. Angus Deayton playing himself, it appears.

As with the crushingly depressing Lizzie & Sarah, the male characters aren’t up to much throughout the show. In fact, the only half decent one (naïve Scotsman Glen Bulb, expertly brought to life by Mark Gatiss) is unsurprisingly given very short thift throught the two series, being jilted, framed for murder, partially drowned and generally treated like a dogsbody.

So, The Trees. The therapy centre is based in Bude, Cornwall and is a sort of hippy commune full of New Age dickheads. You know the type. Outwardly they’re all about peace, crystals and yoga but when it comes down to it all they really want is to fuck loads of people without any of the repercussions or guilt that might entail. The epitome of this is Jacques Du Pont, owner of the establishment – again another excellent turn from Withnail & I and Alien 3 legend Ralph Brown.

Cathy and Don (Rebecca Front and aforementioned Deayton) attempt to escape Jill and rebuild their marriage at The Trees in series two. As you might expect, it doesn’t go to plan.

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