Stanley Knives


Nathan Barley


It’s kind of long here, yeah, but short here like it’s been done at random, but if you look closely, you can see that it hasn’t. Except you can’t tell that. And it’s got a few of these in it, yeah. Paint lids.

It’s weird to me that Nathan Barley was considered a flop when it came out (2005), as I watched it at the time and thought it was great. But then I was an avid follower of the documentary series ‘Cunt’ from TVGoHome way back in the late 90s / turn of the century. A thing that they had to stop because real television programmes ended up being more conceptually insane than anything they could think up.

If you didn’t catch it, Nathan goes to Stanley Knives hairdessers to get a ‘Geek Pie’ haircut and ends up looking like a tosser. Though as usual he gets no comeuppance and ends up starting a fashion trend in Japan.

The strangest thing for me is that I now live where all of this was set. The fictional area of Hosegate is based on the real life area of Hoxton in London. I’m not an idiot though, don’t worry. At least not in the sense of the ones depicted in the show.

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