Da Vinci’s


Mork & Mindy


Well, I’d love to play Space Invaders, then we could go for some pizza and maybe get married?

A bit of artistic license with this one. In that I’ve followed what’s visible on screen when Da Vinci’s restaurant is shown, aside from the central pattern work. As the show is from way, waaay back (1978 – 1982, time fans) the footage is very grainy. I’m not sure what the resolution was back then. 480p, maybe? Was it even that? From memory, it was all a bit all over the place, with very little standardised output.

With that in mind, it’s very difficult to make out what the decorative middle element actually looks like. What I’ve gone for is a play on the Fibonacci spiral, famously put to good use in the composition of Leonardo’s Virtruvian Man and Mona Lisa. Not sure what he would’ve made of his moniker being used to flog fictional pizza and pasta in Colorado, but I’m fairly sure that would be easier to swallow than having a fictional 80s turtle named after you.

The show is all a bit odd. Not in a bad way. Obviously Robin Williams is very sorely missed by countless people the world over, but to this day it’s still a bit strange that the show took off, being a spin off from Happy Days, of all things. Yeah, a 1970s sitcom set in the 50s. Why wouldn’t there be an alien beamed to earth to abduct Richie Cunningham? In one episode (that does feature Da Vinci’s, as it goes) Robin Williams meets Mork. Just…why?!

The success of some things you just never can predict, hey.

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