Wanker County


Married With Children


Mom, when I grow up I want to be just like you. I want to do nothing, I want to be nothing.

We’re all well aware that this word means nothing to the Americans, but I do like it when they deliberately get on board like this. They had an ‘Arnold Wanker‘ in Mork & Mindy as well. They definitely know what they’re doing. Over here, it’s a bit like calling someone a ‘jerk’. Which never happens. In fact, calling somebody that in Britain would probably make you out to be a wanker. Funny how it works.

In the show, Peggy Bundy’s maiden name is Wanker. And yet they’re *from* Wanker County also. I think the implication being that it’s an extremely remote area that dabbles in incest. Which Al Bundy has no problem relaying to all who will listen at any available opportunity. The quote ‘obi luba possa wadamy’ supposedly translates to ‘land of the big, gassy possum’. I would assume in some form of Native American dialect.

The design is based on the flag of Waukesha County in WI, for no better reason than that it’s alphabetically similar. Also, the colours seemed to fit in with the Green Bay Packers, which is the first thing I think of when Wisconsin is mentioned. That and cheese. And Jeffrey Dahmer.

Probably best not to dwell on that, hey.

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