Nelson & Taylor Drum and Baize Lessons


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Well, I think it’s a shit name. And I think it’s pretty weird that you’re working together.

If something already exists I usually try and honour it and do my best to recreate it. However, Trevor Nelson and Dennis Taylor need to get their act together. Yes, their logo does appear on the side of a van briefly in this episode, but it’s not great. Here’s what it should’ve been. Within reason. I’ve incorporated some elements of what they came up with originally to sweeten the deal. Basically the balls (LOL) and triangle (snooker) and headphones (drum and bass).

‘Ha ha’, I hear you laugh. How does this bloke have any idea of what drum and bass is? Honestly? I was probably listening to drum and bass before you were even born. If you were born after 1996. To be honest, I wasn’t liking it that much back then. However, I discovered LTJ Bukem later and realised that it was actually brilliant.

Forget all that. Just let it be known that I really like both snooker and drum and bass and that this isn’t really that bad an idea.

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