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Kath & Kim


I think I may have invented the perfect gourmet sausage. Smoked veal and rosemary. How’s that grab you?

Poor Kel. Jilted at the altar no less than four times. Thankfully Kath did the right thing and finally got him over the line. Out of the myriad of brilliant characters in the show, Kel is up there with my favourites. The man carries a Dictaphone around in case he gets ideas for new sausages. What’s not to like?

On to this – another foray into meats. After lard and a different, more local butchers it’s all getting a bit slaughterhouse for somebody with my dietary requirements. I must redress the balance at some point, but vegans and vegan things aren’t famous for being hotbeds of comedy, are they? Joyless monsters.

It’s probably stating the obvious but the stars and colours are from the Australian flag. A quarter of which is our flag. Still a bit weird, isn’t it?

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