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We can’t celebrate with the Spice Girls, so why not get your arses down to the Spice Museum in Longstanton? I mean…you know it’s not just spices, it’s all about the spice trade.

A little bit different, this one. As in it’s a brown British road sign that signifies a ‘recreational and cultural interest’ site. Apparently. Of course, Longstanton Spice Museum doesn’t actually exist and because of that, there are plenty of versions of their fictional logo elsewhere on the internet. So with so many having already had a stab at it, I thought I’d do this.

Longstanton itself is actually real, though. What’s confusing to me is that it’s quite close to Cambridge. Going on the theory that Pear Tree Productions had their office somewhere near Norwich, it’s an awful long way to go to look at various powders and cinnamon sticks. But if you’re into it, I suppose you’d make the effort.

I once went to a coin museum in Brussels purely because it was raining. Never again. I feel like I lost a part of myself that day.

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