Human Remains

Straight as a Flute


Tony is the manager of the store and he is an authoritarian on not just baths but showers.

Another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it logo reproduction from blackest of the black comedy series Human Remains – this one featuring dog-loving, Satan-hating antipodean bathroom salesman Tony and his West Country wife Beverley. When they’re not judging their neighbours, they’re taking a curly sausage casserole down to the local vicar David, who lives with a man called Dennis. They’re not gay and don’t have the time to be gay. Amen.

The design very much hinges on the lower case letter ‘r’ looking like a tap (do they say ‘faucet’ in Australia? You never know which way they’re going to go). As the show was made over 20 years ago, you can’t help but think that the ‘z’ was put in there by the middle-aged characters in attempt to make shower accessories and the like more trendy. They obviously fail miserably, but if you’ve not seen the series, the whole thing is about failure. Chronic, crippling, British failure. And misery.

As bleak as it is, it’s an essential watch. If you have a minute and are interested in watching Julia Davis piss herself, I’d recommend the DVD extra improvs. It’s both a diamond *and* the rough.

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