Won Ton


Garth Marenghi's Darkplace


I need to crack this, Dag. ‘Cos if not, Won Ton will be all over me like knockers in a wind tunnel.

If you’ve ever witnessed the beauty of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace you’ll understand the mysteriousness of Won Ton. Never even seen on screen, they’re Thornton Reed’s boss and top brass of the hospital. An almost mythical status among the staff. If you haven’t seen it, please stop reading this immediately and find yourself a reputable streaming service and watch it. Before returning back here to buy this, obviously. Thanks.

Now, not being party to the inner workings of mangement within NHS venues, I’m not entirely sure people of this magnitute require a name tag, and if they do, whether you’d see them on the wards. I only mention it because the t shirt colours I’ve gone for here are the scrubs-iest available. It seemed to make sense at the time.

From memory, clinics in the 80s went with off-white or very light blue. I don’t think washing powder technology back then was what it is today.

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