Raging Bender


I was born ready. Gimme the bell. Did you hear a noise? Final boarding call for flight 406, non-stop service to pain.

Sometimes you spend ages researching something, wrestling with fonts and colours and stuff and you just can’t get it to work. Other times – like this – it just falls into your lap. I personally don’t really understand what the thing that this is based on really is. Lads and lasses repeatedly thumping and kicking each other in the face inside a giant octogon I think is roughly the gist of it, but I don’t know the rules. I mean, if you’re removing the gloves I can only assume that the Tyrell eye gouge and kicks to the bollocks are fine.

The episode involves Bender joining the URFL and initially being a big hit, before obviously nutsing it up and it all going wrong. Though he does technically accidentally win when Leela beats up her old Arcturan kung-fu Master. Which all sounds pretty mental, doesn’t it?

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