Bavarian Cream Dogs



Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?


Let’s just pray I have the energy to get myself another beer.

Even with my limited knowledge of American junk food, I’m fairly sure a cream dog isn’t a thing. A corn dog, fine. I know what that is. Basically a battered sausage. However, from what you can see on screen, Fry seems to be just eating a standard hot dog with cream in it. Which, I dunno…can’t be right, can it? Unless it’s sour cream?

Or maybe it’s just a comedy show and shut up.

Regardless, they are a thing in the year 3000, and are a fully self-microwaveable thing at that. What the people over in Munich would be thinking of such a product existing, I don’t know, but a millenium into the future, you can probably just assume that they’re fine with it. Or that Bavaria / Germany / Europe doesn’t exist anymore, even.

The design is another hefty, multi-font workout. White and sky blue in a rhombus shape is significant if you’re familar with the flag of Bavaria. You’re probably not. If 1860 Munich were the regional powerhouse then maybe you would be, but obviously they aren’t.

Yeah, the ‘Progress Foods’ logo I made *does* look like that world famous hot sauce but I genuinely have no idea why I did that. Sometimes there are no reasons, sorry!

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