Thai Cottage


Father Ted

Rock-a-Hula Ted


I’m sorry. Your sandwich exceeds the required 6cm in width, so it’s between Imelda and Mary in the Lovely Laugh tie-break.

For context, Thai Cottage is among Craggy Island’s top seafood restaurants. I think the implication being that it’s pretty mental for a place that has local shops with signs made out of cardboard and poster paint to have a tiering system amongst seafood restaurants. Or any restaurants. So it’s with that preposterousness in mind that we find this unfathomably ostentatious design.

To flesh out the episode further, Imelda wins the 1996 Lovely Girls competition tie-break and ends up having pay to take Father Crilly to dinner for the privilege. This is before Ted has to try and reclaim the parochial house when Dougal just gives it away to Kristine Kochanski (Claire Grogan playing Niamh Connolly) – a radical feminist pop star. He attempts to convince her that his parish is forward thinking and progressive but fails miserably.

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