Family Guy

Mother Tucker


Is this Dingo?! Yes, honey – what’s your name? Sindy! With an ‘s’! Oooh hot. Oh yeah, that’s hot, that is hot.

The thing about Family Guy is…they do have a lot of logos and signs and what have you. But they’re always really basic. They mention a shop or a mall or a bank or a nail bar or whatever and it does a cut to said place and it’s usually just a square building with a sign on it in simple sans serif fare. Which is fine. The show is what it is and doesn’t really *need* to make any effort on that front.

But then I’m a designer. And thus a bit of dickhead about these things. If not just a dickhead outright.

So the logo for WQHG-FM sort of exists, but no. I’ve redone it with one of the world’s most famous radio stations in mind. You know. That one.

Would you call it ‘world famous’? Is 156k followers on Instagram ‘world famous’? Maybe. I only really know of it because of music magazines in the 90s. It’s probably like the World Series. America (and bits of Canada) = the world. You know what they’re like.

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