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They’ve already got a nickname for you. Really? Usually it takes years. What, like Tex or Doc? No. They call you ‘The Gold Mine’.

Gambling. Never understood it. Which is just as well, as I’d be putting it all on black and hoping for the best. And the best never happens, as far as I can see.

In this episode Bernard pretty much does exactly that, losing the book shop in a poker game. Which is headed by Keith Allen wearing Mickey Mouse ears, for some reason. Like most good sitcoms, the problem is resolved by the end and never spoken of again.

If you *are* a gambler, you might well recognise the design of this one – Bill Hill. There’s one that got shut down just over the road from where I live. Before it got binned, it had images of Damon Hill winning the Formula 1 and Andre Agassi with hair in its windows. Very contemporary.

It’s now a Halal butchers, fact fans. Another thing I have very little interest in (because of the butcher bit, not the Halal bit. I’m not mental).

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