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I don’t understand the problem with teen obesity, right. Yeah, teen obesity kicks ass!

First of all, I’d like to put it out there that I dislike tacos. Pretty weird, I know. My issue is not of taste, more of handling. In the sense that you take one bite of a taco shell and it collapses imstantly and shit is everywhere. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I do like those soft taco things you might’ve seen, but let’s be honest here: a soft taco equals a burrito. Burrito beats taco. Today and forever more. If you want crunch, just get tortilla chips.

I’m just not as seasoned enough in eating them as Beavis and Butt-head were in 2011. The pair of idiots see Morgan Spurlock* with an attractive woman, so assume that happened by him eating loads of burgers. Which they in turn mimic and obviously fail massively. However, after seeing them both becoming obese from their products online, the Burger World executives orchestrate a PR stunt to attempt to shift the blame on to Taco Yummo.

Now, the logo is visible in the show a fair amount, but it is animated in their style, so has lots of black outlines and stuff going on. I suppose this is my take on what it would be like in real life, if it existed. Suitably garish and child-like for the Americans.

Who do get a lot of needle from me in these pages, I’ve just realised. What can you do?

*RIP Morgan Spurlock. 53 is certainly no age to go.

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