Prentiss McCabe


Absolute Power


You’re very good at this, you should have gone into politics. Well they did ask me, but I wanted to work where the real power and money lay.

I’m not sure I’ve ever really bought into the notion of being ‘underrated’. For me it’s reserved for people like Vincent van Gogh or Eva Cassidy. You know. People who didn’t make it until they were dead. But Absolute Power does get close to it. I suppose I like it in the same way I like The Thick of It. Its subject matter is an alien, almost incomprehensible, government-y world that is layered with nuance and satire and yet – you can find it funny without having to know anything about said alien, almost incomprehensible, government-y world. Plus all the characters are just horrible bastards. Which is obviously always funny.

With PR agencies, they tend to not really push the boat out. Kind of like they know how anything other than a standard font on its own can’t possibly convey anything negative. You’ve never seen a PR company anywhere near the same country code as having a logo that could be in any way be construed as a Swastika. Or a cock and balls. Or Goatse. Which is why they don’t usually do that.

So this is that. Simple. Just text. Serifs. Muted colours. Don’t fuck with us, essentially.

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