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The FunCooker


Here comes the FunCooker!

The FunCooker is a tiny microwave. Let’s get that out of the way first. It’s also an offensive word (ostensibly slang for an arse, judging by Tracy Morgan’s performance). The 30 Rockers were assigned the task of coming up with a name for it and, as it transpired, every proposed name turned out to be unpalatable in some way. Including ‘Hot Richard’*.

As far as microwaves go, I’ve learned that you pretty much never get people that *just* make microwaves. It’s usually Phillips or Electrolux or Hotpoint or whatever (one of these has a logo that was the very loose base for this, as it goes). So I don’t know if ‘The FunCooker by FunCooker’ is a viable marketing approach. But then they’re Americans, so they’ll buy any old shit if you shout loud enough. Sorry, America. I just say what I see.

Also, the letter C is a closh. Which wouldn’t / couldn’t happen unless putting metal in a microwave (and thus destroying the street you live on) is your thing. Ah well.

* If you don’t already know what a Hot Richard is, you don’t need to. I’ve done the research. Leave it.

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