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I’m the chief snooper for FlashySnaps. Oh, yeah. You were favourite for Employee of the Month but when you collect the award you’ve got to make a speech and frankly, Miss Redknapp, I don’t think you’re up to it.

A bit of a hybrid one, this, as The FlashySnaps logo does appear in this episode. Before I found this out, the general idea was fairly straightforward. And that was to emulate a well known high street photographic slash printing service provider. The one George Michael (God rest his soul) crashed into that time. Though it should be noted that they updated their logo since those times, as it did used to look a bit Comic Sans-y. Which is a criminal offence in my line of work.

So we’re going with their logo colours for this, due to the shop in the programme looking like a drab, run down bomb site. You know, like Kennington usually does. Postcode snob strikes again.

Really, though…remember having to get photos developed? Christ. Spazzing a load of money on 24 photos that may not have even worked. And they put a sticker on it, telling you you’re shit at it. And you had to come back the next day! Kids these days. They don’t know they’re born. That’s a joke. Fuck growing up nowadays. When I was young you actually had to leave the house for someone to verbally abuse you.

Incidentally, I found a great Flickr feed, created by someone using quotes from the show. I didn’t even know Flickr was still a thing, so I was pleasantly surprised.

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