Mr. Lizard




Right, what’s your boss’s name? Another Mr. Lizard.

Twenty-plus years on and I’m still not entirely convinced you can call Jam a comedy programme. Don’t get me wrong, it made me laugh a lot but I think it scared me more. The plumber fixing the cot death, Mr Ventham, Lucy Tiseman asking the bereaved woman if she wants to see ‘CATS’…the Gush. Absolutely mental. And Mr. Lizard. A TV repair man who claims that Kevin Eldon and Amelia Bullmore are putting lizards into their own television. Makes sense.

The font and colours of this one are based on a well known British chain of electrical goods. You know the one. The one that absorbed Dixons. Or was it PC World? Or both? I don’t think it matters. I would advise against attempting to order any saag aloo from there, as you’ll be very disappointed.

Cheeky lizard tongue in there as well if you can spot it.

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