Brass Eye



I do think that if someone’s gone and bought this record just because of the fuss that’s been made about it, then I think they should throw it away. And then they should go and buy another copy because they like the song.

If you’re a fan of 90s Britpop, you’l know what’s going on here. Is there Britpop that *isn’t* from the 90s? I don’t know how it works. Whether you’re Oasis or Blur, I think it’s safe to say that Pulp were a more universal deal. Kind of like the underdog. As they’d been releasing records from the early 80s, you almost felt like they ‘deserved’ it more. And Jarvis Cocker always seemed a much more well rounded and likeable focal point than Cockney Camden and the monobrow brothers. And the Michael Jackson thing is the stuff of legend. Very thin skinned aren’t they, those Jacko fans? RELEASE THE DOVES.

So, replace Jarvis with Purves Grundy and you’ve got yourself a pastiche of ‘Disco 2000‘ called ‘Me Oh Myra‘ a love song to one of the most hated women in Britain to have ever existed. Though she did show up at the Olympics that time. ‘You better watch out Brady, I’m gonna have your lady. Just ‘cos I wanna, just ‘cos I can get her and you can’t. So pogo on that, you twat’. They don’t write them like they used to.

The text is written in the same font as the Pulp logo from the ‘Different Class‘ era, but then you probably knew that if you got this far.

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