Frank’s Pickles


The Jerky Boys

Stop Staring at Me!


No, no, no, no, no. My phone rang here and you’re asking me for pickles. Nobody’s playing jokes.

The Godfathers of the prank call, you can often hear the Jerky Boys being described as base and puerile. I don’t see the problem. My favourite ones are when their victim (if you can call them that) goes with it. Whether it’s attempting to ship cocaine to Ireland or getting ‘liquored up’ after a bizarre discussion about a lawyer’s client being bitten by a cow, it’s all – frankly – fucking hilarious.

The logo, then. Should be fairly self-explanatory. To be fair, I’ve not really based this on anything. I’m British, so the idea of an organisation that *just* deals in gherkins is absolutely mental. But then, Americans. Frank Rizzo deliberately calls up one such place and claims that they called him. Repeatedly. And that they’re in exactly the same place in New York, somehow. According to the internet, ‘barrel-ass‘ means to travel at quick speed towards something. I’m fairly sure in this case it just means having a massive arse.

Johnny Brennan is the undoubted star of the show, voicing Frank, Jack Tors and Sol Rosenberg. If you’re new to all of this, I urge you to get involved.

Alright there, sweet Charlie.

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