Dolmansaxlil Galactic Shoe Corporation


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


In the name of the Dolmansaxlil Shoe Corporation we demand that you give yourselves up. Come out with your hands up. We’ve got you covered. Shooting us won’t you do any good. Or us for that matter.

The fine line between shoe shops and shoe manufacturers, hey? The type of hot content you’ve been searching the internet for. Back when the HHGTTG was conceived, the high street was still a thing, and you couldn’t walk along one in any town or city without seeing a couple of shoe shops. I dunno, maybe that still happens now. I prefer to not go shopping IRL if I can help it.

So Dolmansaxlil is kind of a mega-portmanteau of Dolcis, Freeman Hardy Willis, Saxone and Lilley & Skinner. Being from (near to) a place in Somerset whose entire income is based around some weird shoe shop citadel, I find it very strange that I’ve only ever heard of two of these. The design I’ve gone for what I consider the most space-like out there (the star helps) and the colours are from Scottish shoes.

As far as what Dolmansaxlil is in the series, it overpopulated Brontitall with shoe shops due to always making footwear ill-fitting, so people came back for more. This is also linked to the theory of the Shoe Event Horizon, whereby all industry comes to a halt thanks to the constant production of shoes.

And I thought I was mental. There’s so much stuff going on and it’s so densely packed – radio, books, films – I will undoubtedly be doing more of this type of thing in the future. If I can wrap my head around it.

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