Power Plant


This Time


A show that puts the ‘rock’ in ‘rockery’ and the ‘metal’ into ‘metal trowel’. An assault on the senses that definitively spits on the regrettable Titchmarshification of horticultural TV.

Before we go anywhere, I’d like to hold a minute of applause for the phrase ‘regrettable Titchmarshification’. A blinder. Power Plant is a fictional show, devised by Alan Partridge as a section of This Time, ostensibly to attempt to catch Monty Don in a sting operation. Monty, being of strong moral fortitude, doesn’t give into Alan’s coersion and refuses a bung until offered the clearly ridiculous amount of a billion pounds.

I know it’s a spoof show technically within a spoof show, but it’s actually a bit of a surprise that there hasn’t been a hard rock / gardening crossover comissioned for television yet. I think Kim Wilde is the nearest we’ve got. I feel like Guns N’ Roses need to get involved in some capacity. If you’ve seen any of Axl Rose’s recent performances, I’m sure you can agree that it’s a wise career move for him.

The design isn’t really based on anything. Just some foliage, heavy metal writing…I dunno…it kind of turned out looking a bit daytime. Maybe I was subconsciously thinking of the RIchard and Judy glory years or something.

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