Cloister’s Diner


Red Dwarf

Waiting For God


You know what happened to people who didn’t eat hot dogs on Fuchal Day? They were stoned to death by stale doughnuts.

Given the Scouseness of both Dave Lister and Craig Charles, I find it very strange that the hats at his utopian Fiji diner would’ve been green. Rather than either blue or red. Unless it’s a Paul McCartney-style ‘I want both the Mersey teams to do well’ situation. Regardless, that’s why we’ve got green here. But a more muted, teal-y, US diner type green rather than anything too garish.

If you’ve seen this particular episode, you’ll also note the pentagonal shape of the hat and the arrow sticking through it. I’m still not sure of the market for American junk food on an island with a population of about eight people, but I suppose it’s not the type of place to be worrying about money.

Imagine finding out your God is Craig Charles though, hey. At least he’s real. High fives to the agnostics and atheists at the back.

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