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I’ve never had an in at a restaurant before. They’ll probably greet us at the door by our names, show us to our favourite table. They’ll let us play fast and loose with the menu, order lunch things for dinner, dinner things for lunch!

If you’re American (you’re probably not), this will be instantly recognisable as a logo. Burgers that aren’t McDonald’s or Burger King, named after Peter Pan. Kind of. We have them here, but not very often. They opened one in Camden with Emo haircuts, for some reason.

As far as Modern Family goes, in this one, Mitchell and Cam are desperate to try out the new restaurant chain Amelia’s, but are struggling to obtain a reservation. As the model parents they are, they use their daughter Lily’s frendship with Amelia’s son Jackson in order to attempt to orchestrate said reservation. Needless to say it all goes wrong and they end up destroying her expensive carpet.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think people are struggling to reserve tables at this particular restaurant in real life, whether you’re in the UK or the US. Just a well known establishment with a single female name seemed to tie in with it all pretty well.

The character Amelia in the show has blonde hair and glasses. You probably worked that out already. Sorry.

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