The Gag Bin


Feel Good


George, why did you drag us here? I literally hate comedy. It’s so embarrassing. That girl was so rude to me. Binky, you were on your phone all the way through her set.

Here we have another replication, but it’s quite niche, so hopefully you don’t mind. The Gag Bin is a venue in the Mae Martin-penned, semi-autobiographical sitcom ‘Feel Good‘. It stars themself as well as Charlotte Ritchie as a female couple, the former of which struggles with addiction, the latter with the very new sensation of a same sex relationship.

Housekeeping out of the way, it’s difficult to really imagine Mae Martin as a Drew Barrymore-style drink and drugs tearaway, as they look so innocent, pixie-like and, well, about half the age they are. They’re not winning any Keith Richards look-a-like competitions any time soon, let’s put it like that. In the back of my head I’m still thinking that ‘addiction’ for the North Americans is like three beers without eating a sandwich, but honestly, I don’t know enough about it to reasonably scoff at. Though maybe I shouldn’t trivialise, as some Canadians are pretty hardcore.

Also, they’re definitely a top-tier Taskmaster contestant, imo. And it’s a very crowded marketplace; Bob Mortimer, Sally Phillips, Bridget Christie, Sam Campbell and so on. I’m still yet to extrapolate anything from TM but it remains on my list.

As for the Gag Bin Comedy Club…I’m sure you can work it out.

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