Breath of Silence




And now hands up. Mirror your palms. Look each other in the eye and…touch. Literally her worst nightmare. Urgh.

In this episode, Fleabag goes to a wellness retreat with her sister Claire, which – even if you only have a fleeting knowledge of the show – you would agree is mental. When they get there, they find out it’s women only and are told that they’re not allowed to speak. Sounds terrible. Eventually, she finds Doc Brown heading a male-only workshop in another part of the farm’s grounds, featuring a load of borderline MRAs and Hugh Dennis. I could have done the logo for that, but it was already visible (a thumbs up graphic above the words ‘Better Man’).

You’ll have to forgive me for featuring pink on this, as I ordinarily think it’s a bit of a cliché to do the whole female / pink thing. But then these types of things are a bit like that, aren’t they? Nuts to that, I say. You’re away from your shitty kids for the weekend. Ditch the yoga and hit the prosecco.

Also, sorry about the flower. Bit too on the nose (vagina), really. First design with a clitoris. Probably the last, I would guess.

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